An array of special “things” awaiting placement in a new space – a blank canvas soon to become a home. 

In our modern culture, as we assess the changing landscape of our world through smart phones, social media, e-shopping, and try to foresee what this and future generations will value – the idea of  “the experience” is a current topic of conversation.

It is often said that in today’s world, “experiences” are valued over “things”.  Experiences can be many things, but it seems to be identified as something outside of work and home –  exotic travel, luxury hotels and spas, trendy restaurants, bars and clubs etc.

Although I agree that these types of experiences are fabulous and enhance life, I also believe that in terms of an experience, the most important, the most memorable, and of the most value is the experience of one’s home.

What a home offers is not a singular moment – the experience of a home extends throughout life, it is a broader experience and transcends through time. It’s where we begin a day, where we retreat at the end of the day for the comfort it provides….it’s where an immeasurable number of experiences happen and memories are made.

Within our living spaces, it is our things, our possessions that make an empty space into something of true value – a very personal place that can be called home. A space is like an empty canvas waiting to be created. It is the inherent beauty of our things – the things we love and hold dear that set the stage for the experience of the home.

In acknowledging the importance of meaningful experiences, I would like to suggest a subtle shift in our modern view of the “experience” –  and to place the experience of the home at number one  –  as something to treasure, as something to create with careful thought and planning, as something to embrace with great joy.

To be continued…..The Experience of the Home.