(Pictured: Maison Lévy vignette at the Fritz Porter Showroom – Charleston, SC)

As Maison Lévy’s exclusive art-based textile collection continues to capture the hearts and attention of the design world, we are pleased to announce these exciting developments:

  • This special Parisian brand is now on display at the Fritz Porter showroom in Charleston, SC. Known for their unique offerings to the design trade, Fritz Porter showcases a vibrant lifestyle vignette that expresses the joyful journey of Maison Lévy Paris. Designers are invited to explore the vast collection of fabric, wallpaper and decorative pillows. For more information, contact Becky LaRoche at becky@fritzporter.com.
  • KDMatelier has joined as the latest Maison Lévy representative, covering Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and DC. Kelly Dostal Murphy, of KDMatelier,  is well versed in all aspects of luxury textiles.  We welcome Kelly’s enthusiasm and appreciation for the unique story and artistry of Maison Lévy’s  broad collection of exclusive art inspired textiles and wallpapers for interiors – as well as her valuable experience and expertise in assisting with bespoke design projects. KDMatelier presents a collection of luxury brands in personalized showings for both residential and commercial Interior Design and Architectural firms. For area designers interested in learning more about Maison Lévy, please contact Kelly at studio@kdmatelier.com or visit kdmatelier.com.

Robin Thomas Design is the US Agent and Flagship Showroom for Maison Lévy  Paris. For general inquiries regarding Maison Lévy, please contact info@robinthomasdesign.com.

We invite you to follow @maisonlevy@robinthomasdesign, @fritzporterchs and @kdmatelier on Instagram for inspiring images of Maison Lévy  Paris.