Design can live in the abstract world – creating concepts and exploring a myriad of solutions, self-critiquing, analyzing, and refining – all may be occurring before an idea or drawing is even presented to a client. When designs finally reach client approval and are ready to move forward, a tremendous sense of gratification and accomplishment lies within the day-to-day work and process of design; however this exists largely within a rather private sphere between the designer and the client.

To move away from this small intimate space of designer/client and present to the larger design world is an opportunity to view one’s work under a different lens – a purer measure of the design, of the aesthetics and the solutions they provide.

With that thought, I would like to proudly share news of my recent award from the American Society of Interior Designers. To be recognized amongst so many talented designers and highly esteemed colleagues is truly quite an honor. It is one that makes me take pause, to reflect on my career, and the many wonderful projects that I have had the great privilege to be part of.

With deep appreciation and gratitude, I wish to thank my clients for the many opportunities to design, to my talented colleagues in Florence Italy for their beautiful work in realizing my designs, and to the countless vendors throughout the world that bring beautiful and innovative products that provide endless inspiration to create.

It is through these many partnerships – in working together to create beautiful furnishings, rooms and homes – that has brought me here.

With many many thanks to all……and to my dear family for their loving support.